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Common Problem

Safe operation procedure of single box parting machine
Time:3/24/2020 9:12:31 AM      Click:1161

1,Before starting the machine, loosen the down material to be divided with a bamboo rake, and remove the debris that damages the machine, such as stones, bricks and tiles, and iron blocks.

2,Through the transmission of feathers from the hair inlet to join, by the wind suction machine, for presorting. Generally, about 15Kg of wool is added each time.

3,After a certain period of sorting in the machine, the impurities in the raw material from the sieve plate hole sifted out, inhaled the ash box mouth, the thick and heavy wing stalks by the pipe inhaled into the storage box, the rise of plush through the air tunnel into the wool box, complete the separation process.

4,When the down of the wool box reaches a certain amount, the spiral packing machine connected under the storage box is started, and the wool is automatically loaded into the preset wool bag to complete the separation process.

5,After the pre - divided down through the adjustment of the wind channel, to obtain a variety of different specifications of down and wool, in order to meet the production of down products and down export needs.

6,In the process of pre-sorting and fine sorting, it is necessary to master the damper in the hair parting machine. The wind is too strong, and the velvet and small wool pieces flow into the hair box together, which cannot achieve the purpose of separation. The wind is too small, the feather in the raw material separation is not enough, affecting the output.

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