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Industry Information

Visiting minister of commerce zhong shan: to create more development space for private enterprises
Time:2020-3-24 9:09:02      Click:1184

Business work links urban and rural areas and connects domestic and foreign trade, foreign trade, utilization of foreign capital, foreign investment and other fields. As an important market subject, private enterprises have played an important role and made outstanding contributions to the development of business. On November 14, the economic daily interviewed zhong shan, minister of commerce, about the implementation of the important speech delivered by general secretary xi jinping at the forum on private enterprises.

Three measures to support the growth of the private economy

Reporter: how to understand the spirit of general secretary xi jinping's important speech at the private enterprise forum? How will the ministry of commerce implement policies and measures to support the private sector?

Zhong shan: general secretary xi jinping's important speech injected strong impetus into the private economy and reassured private entrepreneurs.

Since the reform and opening up, private enterprises have been the new force of business development, accounting for 90% of domestic trade, 48% of foreign trade and 49% of foreign investment. We will implement the spirit of general secretary xi jinping's important speech and support private enterprises in making greater contributions and contributions to promoting consumption, expanding foreign trade, "bringing in" and "going global."

To support the development of the private economy, the ministry of commerce proposed three measures:

One is to build more platforms. We will encourage private enterprises to participate in the world expo, the Canton fair and overseas exhibitions, participate in "One Belt And One Road" international cooperation, and encourage private enterprises to develop in pilot free trade zones and overseas economic and trade cooperation zones, so as to give them greater space for development.

The second is to offer better policies. We will abolish the ministry of commerce's administrative fees, implement export tax rebates, trade financing, and facilitation measures, and introduce policies to expand consumption and innovate in distribution, so as to make private enterprises more dynamic.

Third, we will create a better environment. We will further relax market access, improve the archival filing management system, enforce laws fairly and impartially, and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, so that private enterprises can develop better.

We will support private enterprises in participating in pilot supply chain innovation applications

Reporter: internal trade circulation is closely related to residents' lives. How is the development of private enterprises in this field? What measures will the ministry of commerce take to help private enterprises play a greater role?

Zhong shan: private enterprises are the main force of internal trade circulation. In the four major industries of wholesale, retail, accommodation and catering, the number of private enterprises above the quota, their employees and sales volume all account for about 90%. Private enterprises have become the backbone of new business forms and models such as e-commerce.

Department in charge of the Ministry of Commerce as domestic trade circulation, to better meet people's increasing need of a better life, to give full play to the basic role of consumption to economic development, strive to promote the reform of "pipes", for the private enterprises as the main body of all kinds of domestic trade circulation enterprises loosening and burden, at the same time, support the development of new pattern of new forms, promoting the development of domestic trade circulation enterprises innovation. For example, in recent years, we have actively communicated and coordinated with relevant departments to push forward the nationwide cancellation of second-hand car removal restrictions, promote the free circulation of second-hand cars, and facilitate the operation of private enterprises. This year, we jointly launched a pilot project on supply chain innovation and application with relevant departments. Nearly 60% of the 266 pilot enterprises are private enterprises, which are both large private enterprises with strong strength and small and medium-sized private enterprises with great development potential.

In the next step, we will strongly support private enterprises to innovate and expand consumption. First, support private enterprises to actively participate in supply chain innovation and application pilot. We will cultivate about 30 industry supply chain collaborative platforms and strive to reduce transaction costs of small and medium-sized private enterprises by about 10%. Second, we will encourage private enterprises to innovate their business circulation models and guide the growth of new models such as online consumption, customized consumption and experiential consumption. Third, support private enterprises to participate in the construction of urban and rural circulation facilities. We will support private enterprises in building community service centers for the convenience of the people and special business towns, and encourage them to play a greater role in building high-grade pedestrian streets and international consumer centers.

We will strive to improve the environment for the foreign trade development of private enterprises

Reporter: at present, China's foreign trade development is facing many challenges. What measures will the ministry of commerce take to support private enterprises in developing foreign trade?

Zhong shan: since the reform and opening up 40 years ago, China has become the largest trading country. In 2017, private enterprises imported and exported 10.7 trillion yuan, accounting for 38.5 percent of total imports and exports, of which exports accounted for 46.5 percent. In the first 10 months of this year, imports and exports of private enterprises reached 9.9 trillion yuan, up 14.6 percent and accounting for 39.4 percent of total imports and exports, up 1.1 percentage points from the same period last year, with exports accounting for 47.8 percent.

At present, the external environment of China's foreign trade development is changing, and the situation is grim and complex. The Ministry of Commerce determined the implementation of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council decision deployment, on the basis of in-depth research, investigate base, coordinate relevant departments, to push for the reduce customs clearance time, reduce the customs fees, clean up the enterprises charges, improve the export tax rebate mechanism, expand the export credit insurance coverage, encourage financial institutions to increase trade financing policy measures, such as efforts to maintain stability of the foreign trade development.

Next, we will continue to take multiple measures to optimize the foreign trade development environment of private enterprises. First, we took effective measures to stabilize foreign trade. We will carry out timely research on the implementation of policies and step up supervision and inspection to ensure that the policies and measures we have introduced are implemented. We will promote the timely introduction of new policies and measures to help private enterprises solve their problems. Second, we will further promote the "three projects", namely, the establishment of a foreign trade transformation and upgrading base, a trade promotion platform and an international marketing network to help private enterprises to transform and upgrade and enhance their international competitiveness. Third, we will actively develop new forms and models of business. We will promote the development of cross-border e-commerce, market procurement and trade, and help private enterprises explore diversified markets.

Continue to support powerful and reputable private enterprises to "go global"

Reporter: what will the ministry of commerce focus on to promote private enterprises to "go global"?

Zhong shan: in recent years, China's private enterprises have a strong willingness to invest abroad, and the pace of "going global" has been accelerated significantly. A number of internationally renowned enterprises with large investment scale and good benefits have emerged. By the end of 2017, China's stock of outbound non-financial direct investment was 1.6 trillion us dollars, with private enterprises accounting for half.

The ministry of commerce as one of the department in charge of enterprises "going out", in accordance with the "enterprise main body, government guidance and market operation" principle, actively promote and decentralization, the pipes, to set up overseas investment enterprises implement "the record supplemented and approve" management model, for all kinds of enterprises to conduct overseas investment equally, equal treatment; We have cancelled the examination and approval of the qualifications for foreign contracted projects, and private enterprises can carry out foreign contracted projects according to their own strength without prior approval of their qualifications.

Next, we will continue to support powerful and reputable private enterprises to go global and create favorable conditions for private enterprises to allocate factor resources on a global scale. First, we will strengthen guidance in planning. We will guide private enterprises to go global in an orderly manner and actively participate in economic and trade cooperation under the belt and road initiative. Second, we will improve the construction of overseas economic and trade cooperation zones. We will build a platform for private enterprises to "go global" and encourage them to jointly explore the international market. Third, we will strengthen risk prevention and control and protection of rights and interests. We will improve mechanisms for overseas investment and cooperation, enrich public services, help private enterprises prevent and control risks, and firmly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of private enterprises overseas.

(source: China economic daily)

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