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Industry Information

Departments should improve the corporation development of the rule of law environment
Time:2020-3-24 9:07:21      Click:1117

Economic daily Beijing, November 14 reporter li wanxiang reports: the ministry of justice held a meeting on November 14 to thoroughly implement the spirit of general secretary xi jinping's important speech at the forum on private enterprises, to improve the development of private economy under the rule of law. From the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Finance, department of natural resources, ecological environment, transport, taxation, administration of market regulation, silver insurance regulatory commission and other departments, head of the institutions of the rule of law and the justice department, the head of the central support measures of the rule of law and promote the development of private enterprises.

Various departments indicated that more measures should be taken to further create a good legal environment for the development of private enterprises. We will adhere to the legislative value orientation of equal protection and give private enterprises the same conditions and opportunities for development. We will comprehensively clean up laws and normative documents that are detrimental to the development of private enterprises, and break down all kinds of "rolling doors," "glass doors," and "revolving doors." We will promote strict, standardized, fair and civilized law enforcement, and flexibly master law enforcement measures. We will continue to carry out the campaign of "reducing the number of certificates for the convenience of the people" to make it easier for private enterprises to work and start their own businesses.

Recently, the ministry of justice issued the opinions on giving full play to its functions to create a sound legal environment for the development of private enterprises. According to the introduction, the ministry of justice will organize nationwide public welfare activities for lawyers to serve private enterprises, and carry out a comprehensive "rule of law physical examination" for key private enterprises before the end of this year, so as to promote the decision-making, operation, management and rights protection of private enterprises in accordance with the law.

According to the introduction, the next step, the ministry of justice and relevant departments of the state council rule of law institutions will investment and financing, market access, property rights protection, fair competition and other key issues to strengthen the investigation and research, and strive to achieve a breakthrough as soon as possible. To speed up the work of clearing up certification items and push forward the work in strict accordance with the time nodes required by the state council; In specific law enforcement process, reform the management mode, innovative way of law enforcement, minimizing management costs, establish social self-discipline mechanism, explore told commitment system, such as new management methods, strive to abolish "conformity" drag "unwinding" selfish departmentalism and department's ills, for private enterprises to develop and create a good environment for the rule of law.

(source: China economic daily)

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