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Industry Information

Ministry of commerce: China's foreign trade production is recovering rapidly
Time:2020-3-23 18:02:10      Click:229

In addition to hubei province, qualified foreign trade manufacturers in all regions have been returning to work and production since February 10, li xinggan, director general of the foreign trade department of the ministry of commerce, said at an online press conference held by the ministry of commerce on Monday. At present, the resumption of production in foreign trade enterprises mainly presents three characteristics:

First, foreign trade production is recovering rapidly. Under the guidance and assistance of various local authorities and relevant departments, the overall progress of the resumption of work and production of foreign trade enterprises was accelerated. Key foreign trade enterprises in zhejiang and shandong have returned to work at a rate of about 70%. Guangdong, jiangsu and other major foreign trade provinces are also returning to work at a rapid pace, and the progress is in line with expectations.

Second, we will advance the development of zoning and classification. On the whole, in accordance with the plans of the CPC central committee and the state council, local governments are carrying out precise prevention and control measures, classifying foreign trade enterprises into different regions, and steadily and orderly promoting the resumption of work and production of foreign trade enterprises. Low risk areas, is returning to full normal production. Medium risk areas, orderly return to normal production as soon as possible. High-risk areas, according to the actual situation to gradually recover. Affected by the epidemic situation, the return of employees to their posts and other factors, the actual return to work and return to production in different regions has a certain degree of differentiation.

Third, the unbalanced progress of the resumption of work is getting better. At present, the shortage of raw materials supply and the poor connection between domestic and foreign logistics are being effectively alleviated, the linkage and matching between the links of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain are rapidly recovering, and the logistics channels of different industries are adapting to the needs of enterprises and products to speed up the recovery.

Despite the disturbance of the epidemic, China's economic development has not been undermined by the macro policy of "upgrading" to minimize the negative impact of the epidemic on the economy. Taking "traffic jam index" climbing as the observation port, it can be found that the orderly progress of the resumption of work and production is racing against time to enhance the vitality of the economy and lay a foundation for normal production.

In addition, because of the epidemic impact of industrial restructuring is not only in the field of epidemic prevention materials. From the "hole" the most sensitive of the capital market reaction, online education, such as biological medicine high-tech, high value-added industries, wisdom, rural revitalization of the transformation of traditional industries such as agriculture, have been the first attracted the flow of funds, the development of capital markets to the real economy guiding force, leverage will soon be revealed.

After the recent fermentation and implementation, the effects of these policies have already begun to show -- the liquidity of the affected enterprises and small and micro enterprises has been significantly supported, the operational burden has been significantly reduced, and the driving force of large-scale projects has been shown... The resilience of the Chinese economy continues to show.

Overall, the effectiveness of macro policies has been improved, and the core competitiveness of the Chinese economy has been further enhanced. The sense of economic gain may be late, but it will not be absent.

(source: People's Daily online)

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