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Common Problem

How is the feather velvet processed
Time:2020-3-24 9:14:33      Click:1117

Feathers and down are produced all year round. Due to the production season, region and goose species and different methods of picking, the quality of its raw materials vary greatly. Therefore, the feather feather must be processed, in order to meet the requirements of down production and feather feather export specifications.

At present, domestic feather manufacturers use more is a single box parting machine. Single box parting machine is generally used in the pre-feather processing process for pre-parting hair, but also can be used for special selection process to extract certain feather components. Single box parting machine is widely used because of its high efficiency, simple structure, easy operation and low price.

1. Advance score:

When the raw material core wool after the inspection and collocation arrangement, determined the number and quantity of the use of the batch, you can carry on the processing and finishing of the first process -- pre-sorting. Preseparation is through the preextension of the raw material in the hair wing stalk, impurities, dust and wool separation, remove impurities, and obtain useful and plush processing process, preextension refers to the car body of the hair parting machine is a single car and double car model, it is a feather processing machine.

Single box hair parting machine is composed of wool adding device, front box, rear box, main fan, transmission mechanism, dust removal device and negative pressure hair filling device. It works by using a pneumatic machine to complete the process, depending on how high the feather is suspended in a certain wind.

2. Ash removal:

The pre - extension machine after sorting and adding feathers, that is, into the next process - ash removal. In addition to the ash is the wool after the pre - separation to clean, further remove the ash, impurities, dander and so on, so that the content of impurities in the wool is less than 10%. The dedusting aircraft is composed of a wool feeder, a first stage dedusting tank (head drum), a second stage dedusting tank (two rollers), a transmission mechanism, a negative pressure fan and a dedusting device.

In addition to the operation of the aircraft, to pay attention to control the amount of each addition, according to the size of the machine, generally with each 15-30kg is appropriate. Each ash removal time should depend on how much impurities in the request flexible control, generally need about 15miin. After achieving the effect of ash removal, open the gate to hair. Wait until the wool is finished, then carry out the second feeding.

Fine points:

After the pre-separation of the plush, although the removal of ash less impurities and fin stalks, but not in line with the relevant specifications, still need to be through the fine extension machine pre-separation of feather feather for processing and pile up, make it into a plush specifications.

The function of the fine extension machine is to make the wool under the action of the negative pressure fan, through a number of boxes of "W" shape adjustable air duct, to obtain a variety of different specifications of down and feather, in order to meet the production of down products and feather export needs. Fine extension machine refers to the car body of the hair to reach more than three, four models, so commonly known as the car hair machine. For example, the four-compartment parting machine is composed of the front compartment, one compartment, two compartments, three compartments, four compartments, the wind channel adjustment system of the transmission mechanism, the negative pressure fan and the dust removal device. Now fine extension of the development is diversified, some have reached more than ten boxes.

The finishing process of the extension machine is to separate the wool after the removal of ash. When the feathers after the removal of dust by processing felt into the front compartment, stirring in the belt to drive the rotation, the fine wing hair interception. Under the action of the negative pressure fan, the plush without coarse wing hair enters a compartment, which is stirred to rotate at the speed of 120R/min to accelerate the separation of the plush. Some of the plush enters the next compartment under the negative pressure to continue the separation, and the rest of the plush falls into the lower compartment for temporary storage through the rotary valve. According to this, wool of different specifications can be obtained under the coordination of adjusting the air duct. Generally, a box can get 3%-4% or 7%-8% down; Two canopies can get 10% - 20% down; Three canopies get 30-50% down; More than 60% high fleece can be obtained from the four compartments, and the impurity content is required to be less than 10%. At present, the four-box parting machine is widely used, it can be according to the production needs, can be used for sorting two boxes, can be used for sorting three boxes, both can produce specifications down, and can process standard feather (export semi-finished wool). Fine parting can also be done by using a single box parting machine through multiple hair parting.

After the above three procedures, can make the wool, lint and fin, sand impurities separation, to reach the specification of the composition. But for raw goose, duck feathers contain chicken feathers and white goose feathers in the black and chicken feathers, rely on the machine is unable to remove. Because chicken feather, black head and goose, duck feather suspension similar, when the machine to use the wind to extract hair, feather, black head at the same time, also with the wind rise, so these ingredients can only be manually picked out by hand.

Spelling a heap:

The wool of different specifications after the calculation to be put together and uniform, so that it reaches a certain specification requirements of the processing process, called this pile.

There are two ways to make a pile: machine and manual. When the feathers into the machine, the wing rotor constantly agitating, so that the feathers and even, by the wind suction to the storage to storage compartment, down to the funnel-shaped box, and then into the box through the pipeline. By the manual operation of the pile, not less than 4 people at a time, qing repeatedly spelled 3 times, each time should be the pile of four financial wool to the middle of the pile. When the assembly is finished, the tools will be collected and collected, and the inspection department will be notified for sampling inspection.

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