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Common Problem

Comparison of goose and duck down products
Time:3/23/2020 5:59:04 PM      Click:1203

Whether it is goose down or duck down, traditionally collectively referred to as down, down as stuffing into the down jacket, duvet, down sleeping bag, known as down products. Due to the soft, fluffy, warm down products, by the majority of consumers love, so, goose down and eiderdown are natural good products against the cold.

Eiderdown can produce up to 3 seasons a year, but goose down only produces 1 season a year, and each goose has a small amount of velvet. The high cost of raising geese makes goose down much more expensive than duck down. If buy goose down to buy grade, then buy duck down to buy is affordable, in terms of cost performance, duck down than goose down has a competitive advantage. At present, domestic down products are mainly stuffed with duck down, after years of market inspection and consumer recognition. In foreign developed countries, goose down is mainly used as the duvet material, while eiderdown is still the main material.

There is a very important reason that eiderdown is the main raw material for down jackets at home and abroad. Because clothes are often washed, and eiderdown contains a lot of grease, it is a protective layer for down, which can make the eiderdown still maintain a good degree of porosity after repeated cleaning. However, goose down contains less oil, is not resistant to washing, and the number of times of washing is more likely to lead to the separation of velvet and velvet core, velvet increased, and the degree of porosity decreased. Once there was a down factory to test the feather content of 90% goose down jacket and 90% duck down jacket, after 20 washing, the result is that the feather content of goose down jacket is 85%, and the feather content of duck down jacket is 89%.

So goose down and duck down have their own advantages and disadvantages, can not be generalized, should not make a general distinction between who is good and bad.

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