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How does the down jacket of all sorts of material pledge maintain?
Time:2020-3-23 18:03:07      Click:1057

Maintenance of down jackets of various fabrics:

1, leather cloth down jacket maintenance: leather is not suitable in the rain and snow day wear, when insolation usually want in the morning 9~10 o 'clock, 3~4 o 'clock in the afternoon, can not insolation, otherwise leather will age. It is advisable to keep them by hanging them. And add mothballs wrapped in paper. To add its smoothness you can apply a light layer of glycerin on its outside. Or a special preparation for leather clothing. Expose to the sun before wearing.

2, wool cloth down jacket maintenance: wool clothing before preservation to wash, is the dry cleaning, ironing, drying (must be full of dry) in the future and then put away. Store in cool, cool and dry place. High quality woolen cloth is hung in the wardrobe to avoid overlaying and deformation. Store mothballs in your wardrobe and coat pockets to prevent insects.

3, cotton and linen cloth down jacket maintenance: this kind of clothing must pay attention to moisture and mildew. Wash and dry your winter down jacket before storage. Separate dark and light color classification preservation, do not dye each other. Clothes not often worn by the lint filling machine should be dried in summer. The number of clothes will be shortened, the next time the skin will be uncomfortable.

4, other cloth down jacket maintenance: other relatively simple. In the end, no matter what clothing should be washed dry preservation. Storage time to see the layout of the clothing and its physical and chemical properties of the fabric to handle will not be wrong.

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