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XT80-1, Full automatic down washing¢rifuging machinery

Product introduction

It is the most advanced down washing&centrifuging machine in modern times, it integrates washing and centrifuging functions together in one independent machine. It replaces older down washing machinery and centrifuging machinery, which promote the washing technology to a new step with high-new technology and Main features:

1. Full automatically control by micro computer. From the procedures of feather-in, water-in, heating, washing, rinsing, centrifuging to feather-out, every step is full automatically.

2. High work efficiency. Work capacity can meet 80—150kg every time and 5—7 times every shift (eight hours).

3. Non-stirring washing. It reduces the friction and collision between feathers and machinery, which highly reduce the feather damage ratio.

4. Rotating drum and outer roller material are all stainless structure, which can resist acid and alkali and not rust. The quality of down washing will be improved obviously.

5. Reduce water consumption. It would reduce about 30% water consumption comparing with older feather washing machinery.

6. Warm water to wash feather. Utilizing steam to heat and enhance down washing quality and efficiency.

7. It adopts frequency control speed system which is simple in structure and work stably, high quality.

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